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Assisted Living

Community Care and Assisted Living Act . BC

Statistics Canada . Life expectancy

Life expectancy

Find the latest information on life expectancy from Statistics Canada, including tables and articles. This guide is a selection of key resources and is not a complete list of our collection on this topic. Some of these resources may have been archived. This means that they have not been updated recently, but they are still the most recent information we have on this topic.

Sun Life . Life expectancy calculator

What is your life expectancy?

Use this calculator to estimate how long you might live and to see what lifestyle changes you can make to live a longer, healthier life – now and in retirement.
Duration: About 2 min.

Assisted Living BC

Assisted Living BC

Registrar of Assisted Living Residences

Assisted living services provide housing, hospitality services and personal care services for adults who can live independently and make decisions on their own behalf but require a supportive environment due to physical and functional health challenges.

Assisted living residences can range from a unit in a high rise apartment complex to a private home.
Units can vary from one room to private, self-contained apartments.

Assisted living services include:

Corporate Registry Societies

Corporate Registry Societies


Specific legislation and regulations govern how societies (not-for-profit corporations) are created and run in B.C. Societies may be formed for any lawful purpose or purposes, including agricultural, artistic, benevolent, charitable, educational, environmental, patriotic, philanthropic, political, professional, recreational, religious, scientific, social or sporting purposes.


Not-for-profit organizations are not required to incorporate. However, when a society is incorporated, it acquires the capacity of an individual, as well as an independent existence - separate and distinct from its members - and an unlimited life expectancy. If a society is seeking funding or grants, or charitable status from the federal government, there may be a requirement to incorporate.

The Residences for Independent Living Society

The Residences for Independent Living Society

The Residences for Independent Living Society was started in 1969 by a group of concerned parents of young adults with disabilities. Their goal was to provide a home-like care environment for young adults to live away from their parents and have the support they needed to lead fulfilling and independent lives.

Formerly known as the False Creek Residence Society, the focus of the Society was originally for young adults between the ages of 19 and 35. Through the hard work and generous donations of several families, the City of Vancouver and the Province of British Columbia, the False Creek Residence, located on the shores of Vancouver’s False Creek was completed in 1978.

The Society has continued their mandate to provide housing, support care and independent-oriented services and in 2001, opened their second residence, the Steveston Residence in Richmond, BC.

Over time, as tenants continued to live at the False Creek Residence, the age range expanded to include adults into their forties and even fifties. Today, the strength of both residences is the diversity of tenants (both with disabilities and families at Steveston Residence) and the range of services provided to the tenants receiving support services to encourage and promote an independent lifestyle – to whatever degree capable for each individual tenant.

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