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25 Tests ( @ 90 minutes per ) of 40 Questions . Total Questions 25x40 = 1,000
Total Time 25x90 = 2,250 Minutes ( 37 hours 30 minutes )
Time per Question 90/40 = 2 Minutes 15 Seconds

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The main thing is to use your brain continually. For example, the more we practise at tests of verbal aptitude the more we increase our ability to understand the meaning of words and use them effectively; the more we practise at maths the more confident we become when working with numbers, the better our ability to perform arithmetic operations accurately, and the quicker we become at performing these operations; and the more we practise our ability to move our fingers and manipulate small objects the more dextrous we become at operations involving this type of aptitude, and the quicker we become at performing them accurately.

The tests that follow have been compiled for this book and are not, therefore, stan- dardized, so an actual IQ assessment cannot be given. However, a guide to assessing your performance for each test is provided below as well as a cumulative guide for your overall performance on all 25 tests.

A time limit of 90 minutes is allowed for each test. The correct answers are given at the end of the book, and you should award yourself one point for each completely correct answer. Calculators may be used to assist with solving numerical questions if preferred.

Use the following table to assess your performance in each of the 25 tests:

One test: Score

36-40 Exceptional
31-35 Excellent
25-30 Very good
19-24 Good
14-18 Average

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