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Advertising Campaign

from Wikipedia

An advertising campaign is a series of advertisement message that share a single idea and theme which make up an integrated marketing communication (IMC). Advertising campaigns utilize diverse media channels over a particular time frame and target identified audiences.

The campaign theme is the central message that will be received in the promotional activities and is the prime focus of advertising campaign as it sets the motif for the series of multifarious individual advertisements and other marketing communications that will be used. The campaign themes are usually produced with the objective of being used for a significant period but many of them are temporal due to factors like being not effective or market conditions,competition and marketing mix.[1]

Advertising campaigns are built to accomplish a particular objective or a set of objectives. Such objectives usually include establishing a brand, raising brand awareness, aggrandizing the rate of conversions/sales. The rate of success or failure in accomplishing these goals is reckoned via effectiveness measures. There are 5 key points at which an advertising campaign must consider to ensure an effective campaign. These points are, integrated marketing communications, media channels, positioning, the communications process diagram and touch points.

Media Channels

Media channels are also known as marketing communications channels and are used to create a connection with the target consumer. Traditional methods of communication with the consumer include newspapers, magazines, Radio, television, billboards, telephone, post and door to door sales to name a few traditional methods. Some of these traditional methods are still very effective for some industries and not so for others. For instance advertising in a newspaper to target consumers in the age range of 15-25 does not have a very effective result, as this target market is unlikely to be flicking through their local newspaper.[citation needed]

With advancements in digital communications channels, marketing communications allow for the possibility of two-way communications where an immediate consumer response can be elicited. Digital communications tools include: websites, blogs, social media, email, mobile, and search engines as a few examples. It is important for an advertising campaign to carefully select channels based on where their target consumer spends time to ensure market and advertising efforts are maximised.

Guerrilla Marketing

from Wikipedia

Guerrilla marketing is an advertising strategy which increases brand exposure through the use of unconventional campaigns which initiate social discussion and "buzz". This can often be achieved with lower budgets than conventional advertising methods, allowing small and medium-sized businesses the chance to compete against larger competitors. Through unconventional methods, inventiveness and creativity, guerrilla marketing leaves the receiver with a long lasting impression of the brand as most guerrilla marketing campaigns target the receivers at a personal level, taking them by surprise and may incorporate an element of shock. Guerrilla marketing is typically executed exclusively in public places, including streets, parks, shopping centres etc., to ensure maximum audience resulting in further discussion on social media.[20]

Guerrilla marketing is the term used for several types of marketing categories including street marketing, ambient marketing, presence marketing, alternative marketing, experimental marketing, grassroots marketing, wild posting, guerrilla projection advertising, undercover marketing and astroturfing.[citation needed]

Jay Conrad Levinson coined the term Guerrilla Marketing with his 1984 book of the same name.[21] Through the enhancement of technology and common use of internet and mobile phones, marketing communication has become more affordable and guerrilla marketing is on the rise, allowing the spread of newsworthy guerrilla campaigns.[22]

When establishing a guerrilla marketing strategy, there are seven elements to a clear and logical approach.[23] Firstly, write a statement that identifies the purpose of the strategy. Secondly define how the purpose will be achieved concentrating on the key advantages. Next Levinson (1989) suggests writing a descriptive summary on the target market or consumers. The fourth element is to establish a statement that itemizes the marketing tools and methods planning to be used in the strategy (for example, radio advertising during 6.30am – 9am on weekday mornings or window displays that are regularly updated). The fifth step is to create a statement which positions the brand/product/company in the market. Define the brands characteristics and give it an identity is the sixth element. Lastly, clearly identify a budget which will be put solely towards marketing going forward.[23]

For a successful overall guerrilla marketing campaign, combine the above steps with seven winning actions.[24] These seven principles are commitment – stick to the marketing plan without changing it; investment – appreciate that marketing is an investment, consistency – ensure the marketing message and strategy remains consistent across all forms of, confidence – show confidence in the commitment to the guerrilla marketing strategy, patience – time and dedication to the strategy, assortment – incorporate different methods of advertising and marketing for optimum results, and subsequent – build customer loyalty and retention though follow up marketing post-sale.[23]

Levinson suggests guerrilla marketing tactics were initiated to enable small businesses with limited financial resources to gain an upper hand on the corporate giants who had unlimited budgets and resources at their disposal. Large companies cottoned on to the success of guerrilla marketing and have had hundreds of effective attention grabbing campaigns using the strategies originally designed for smaller businesses with minimal marketing budgets.[25]

Non-traditional, unconventional and shocking campaigns are highly successful in obtaining media coverage and therefore brand awareness, albeit good or bad media attention. However, like most marketing strategies a bad campaign can backfire and damage profits and sales.[26] Undercover marketing and astroturfing are two type of guerrilla marketing that are deemed as risky and can be detrimental to the company.[26]

“Advertising can be dated back to 4000 BC where Egyptians used papyrus to make sales messages and wall posters. Traditional advertising and marketing slowly developed over the centuries but never bloomed until early 1900s” ("What Is Guerrilla Marketing?", 2010). Guerrilla marketing are relatively simple, use tactics to advertise on a very small budget. It is to make a campaign that is “shocking, funny, unique, outrageous, clever and creative that people can’t stop talking about it” (Uk essays, 2016). Guerrilla marketing is different when compared to traditional marketing tactics (Staff, 2016). “Guerrilla marketing means going after conventional goals of profits, sales and growth but doing it by using unconventional means, such as expanding offerings during gloomy economic days to inspire customers to increase the size of each purchase” (Staff, 2016). Guerrilla marketing also suggest that that rather investing money, it is better to “invest time, energy, imagination and knowledge” (Staff, 2016) instead. Guerrilla marketing puts profit as their main priority not sales as their main focal point, this is done to urge the growth of geometrically by enlarging the size of each transactions. This all done through one of the most powerful marketing weapons around, the telephone. Research shows that it will always increases profits and sales. The term “guerrilla first appeared during the war of independence in Spain and Portugal at the beginning of the 19th century it can be translated as battle” (Uk essays, 2016). Even thou guerrilla marketing was aimed for small business; this did not stop bigger business from adopting the same ideology. “Larger business has been using unconventional marketing to complement their advertising campaigns, even then some marketers argue that when bigger business utilize guerrilla marketing tactics, it isn’t true guerrilla” ("What Is Guerrilla Marketing?", 2010). The reason being that larger companies have bigger budgets and usually their brands well established. In some cases, it is fa rikier for a larger business to do guerrilla marketing tactics. Which can cause problem when their stunts become a flop when compared to smaller business, as they do not run as much risk, as most people will just write it off as another failed stunt. Many methods in guerrilla marketing consist of “graffiti (or reverse graffiti, where a dirty wall is selectively cleaned), interactive displays, intercept encounters in public spaces, flash mobs, or various PR stunts are often used” ("Guerrilla Marketing | What is Guerrilla Marketing?” 2016).

Small business use social media as a form of marketing. This Is due to that social media in the 21st century is phenomenon. “Collecting billions of people around the world through a series of status updates, tweets, and other rich media” ("Guerrilla Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses", 2013). Social media is a powerful tool in the world of business. Guerrilla marketing strategies and tactics are a great and cost effective way to generate” awareness for your business, products and services. To maximize full potential in your marketing efforts, it’s to blend them with a powerful and robust online marking strategy with a marketing automation software” ("Guerrilla Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses", 2013). Which can boost small businesses. Guerrilla tactics consist of instruments that have effects on the efforts. Some instruments are usually there to maximize the surprise effect and some of these instruments mainly cutting advertising costs.” Guerrilla marketing is a way of increasing the number of individuals exposed to the advertising with the cost of campaign. The instrument of diffusion helps to each a wide audience, which causes none or little cost because consumers (viral marketing) or the media (guerrilla PR) pass on the advertising message” ("Guerrilla Marketing: The Nature of the Concept and Propositions for Further Research", 2016). Guerrilla campaigns usually implement a free ride approach, this means that to cut their costs and increase the number of recipients simultaneously to maximize the low cost effect. For example, they will try to benefit from placing advertisements on big events e.g. sporting events. Guerrilla marketing was regarded to target existing customers rather than new ones, aiming to increase their engagement with a product and/ or brand. “When selecting audiences for a guerrilla message, a group that is already engaged with the product at some level is the best target; they will be quicker to recognize and respond to creative tactics, and more likely to share the expriece with their friends, as social media has become a major feature of the market landscape, guerrilla marketing has shown to be particularly effective online. Consumers who regularly use social media are more likely to share their interactions with guerrilla marketing, and creative advertising can quickly go viral” ("Guerrilla Marketing | What is Guerrilla Marketing?", 2016).[27]

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from Wikipedia    ClickBank

ClickBank is a privately held Internet retailer of both physical and digital products. ClickBank was founded in 1998.[1] The company has more than six-million clients worldwide[2] which secured it in becoming the 87th largest Internet retailer in North America.[3] ClickBank is a subsidiary of Keynetics Inc., one of Idaho’s largest privately held technology companies.[4] The company has headquarters in Boise, Idaho, and offices in Broomfield, Colorado.


ClickBank was founded in San Diego, California in 1998 by Tim and Eileen Barber.[1] In 2011, the site had attracted over 1,500,000 affiliate marketers, approximately 100,000 of whom were designated as 'active' at any given time.[5]

As of 2014, ClickBank has more than six-million clients and distributes in 190 countries and has carved out a niche in being an easy-to-use platform for entrepreneurs and businesses, enabling powerful online and mobile commerce across a wide variety of lifestyle categories.[6] In August 2014, ClickBank handled approximately 30,000 transactions daily.[2]

create a Landing Page

Landing Page

from Wikipedia

In online marketing, a landing page, sometimes known as a "lead capture page" or a "lander", or a "destination page", is a single web page that appears in response to clicking on a search engine optimized search result or an online advertisement.[1] The landing page will usually display directed sales copy that is a logical extension of the advertisement, search result or link. Landing pages are used for lead generation. The actions that a visitor takes on a landing page is what determines an advertiser's conversion rate.[2]

Landing pages are often linked to social media, e-mail campaigns or search engine marketing campaigns in order to enhance the effectiveness of the advertisements. The general goal of a landing page is to convert site visitors into sales or leads. If the goal is to obtain a lead, the landing page will include some method for the visitor to get into contact with the company, usually a phone number, or an inquiry form. If a sale is required, the landing page will usually have a link for the visitor to click, which will then send them to a shopping cart or a checkout area. By analyzing activity generated by the linked URL, marketers can use click-through rates and conversion rate to determine the success of an advertisement.[3]

There are two types of landing pages: reference and transactional.

. A reference landing page presents information that is relevant to the visitor. These can display text, images, dynamic compilations of relevant links, or other elements.[4]

The purpose of the transactional landing page is to persuade a visitor to take action by completing a transaction. This is accomplished by providing a form that needs to be filled out. The visitor information is obtained in order to add the visitor’s email address to a mailing list as a prospect. An email campaign can then be developed based on responses to transactional landing pages. The goal is to capture as much information about the visitor as possible. The ultimate goal is to convert the visitor into a customer.

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adMarketplace is the largest independent search advertising marketplace. Named by Crain's as one of New York's fastest growing companies for two years running, adMarketplace delivers performance traffic to large, data-savvy marketers and their agencies.

Adoptim is a Contextual & RON CPC/CPV Programmatic Ad Network offering advertisers an easy access to high volumes of premium quality traffic.

We offer both an easy to use self-serve interface for direct URL advertising or XML feed integration to allow Brands, Agencies, Affiliate, Media Buyer and Network running their campaigns with advanced targeting, contextual and optimization capabilities.

Our platform allows you to target your audiences around the web, using Keywords, Website content & description, URL’s and Categories that are relevant to your business. Our technology scans our publisher websites in real time, displaying Interstitial or new tab full landing page within our publishers’ sites containing our Advertiser targeting goals.

Advertiser having the highest sufficient bid according to its targeting, wins and gets his full landing page displayed.

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As Internet marketing maintains its rapid development and growth, our company continues to meet the challenge head-on by developing new technologies and innovative marketing tools. Our goal remains the same: To provide the best return on your advertising dollar through the delivery of quality and affordable Internet marketing services.

To meet the constant challenge of converting visitors into buyers, we proudly introduce our Contextual Targeting Technology which targets your visitors more closely to the product or service you are marketing. Our ultimate challenge is to significantly improve the likelihood of converting any visitor into a buyer and we achieve it by targeting the visitors more closely to the product or service you are marketing. is one of the most cost-effective ways to reach your targeted customers. You determine search terms (keywords) that are relevant to your website’s content, and then select the bidding price to rank the placement of those keywords. The higher your keyword is ranked, the more likely that qualified prospects will visit your site and buy your product or service. Inc is a sister company of YesUp Media Inc. It was founded in 1999 and incorporated in 2001, headquartered in Toronto, Canada. We delivers e-commerce solutions to its clients in the areas of high quality design, programming, technical expertise and marketing innovation.


ExoClick, the innovative ad company, provides two channels for advertisers and publishers: An Ad Exchange and an Ad Network.

Our Ad Exchange enables publishers to monetize their traffic not only with ExoClick’s ad network, but also with other ad networks and DSPs. Currently ExoClick’s ad exchange already has over 30 partners plugged in and the company is adding more demand platforms each day.

Our Ad Network is ranked the 4th largest ad network in the world by W3Techs, serving 182+ billion geo-targeted ads a month, to a global network of 65,000 web/mobile publisher platforms.

ExoClick’s proprietary software offers 20+ different ad formats, optimized targeting and behavioural retargeting, access to big data statistics and strategic analysis tools to further improve ROI, data refresh every 60 seconds, day parting and 24/7 customer service. Our platform API allows developers to create their own bespoke software add-ons for programmatic processes on our platform.

ExoClick was founded by current CEO Benjamin Fonzé, and he runs the company with his brother Adrien who is COO.

CPXi is a global digital media company aimed at driving efficiencies and effectiveness in the tech-enabled marketing space. With 15 years of experience marrying technology and managed solutions, CPXi created Digital Remedy to deliver performance based innovation that maximizes business potential. The Digital Remedy offering includes media executions (AdReady) and cutting edge content creation and engagement strategies (Nibble).

Media Traffic delivers permission-based contextual advertisements to Vomba Network users. Our proprietary technology is designed to be effective for advertisers while remaining relevant to consumers.

The Vomba Network provides end-users with complete transparency, privacy and control. Vomba Network does not collect any user identifiable information.

Leading the industry in ethical distribution, Vomba Network creates, hosts and distributes its own products eliminating third-party distributors. This ensures the integrity of the Vomba network.

Propel Media connects digital marketers with unique audiences through intent-based technology that delivers superior performance with measurable results.

Our distinctive approach to digital is powered by proprietary contextualization technology and a unique supply of ad inventory with proven purchase intent. Our innovative ad products are specifically designed to drive engagement, performance, and exceptional traffic across multiple platforms. Combined with our highly sophisticated customer intelligence data, Propel Media precisely connects customer intent to action and achieves outstanding ROI for our clients.

Founded in 2006, Propel Media is recognized as a trusted partner among a growing portfolio of clients. Distinguished by our ability to deliver consistent results, Propel Media is committed to providing the highest level of client services to our partners.

ZEDO, Inc. is a platform offering clever, proprietary high impact formats that help publishers get new revenue. Known for technical innovation and ability to scale, ZEDO offers publishers products and services – including ad serving – and rich media formats with 99% viewable impressions.

ZEDO also serves advertisers through ZINC, a suite of high impact formats including video and native ads on premium sites.

Founded in 1999, ZEDO is headquartered in San Francisco with offices in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Seattle, Phoenix, Singapore and Sydney along with development centers in Russia and India. As the largest independent ad technology player, the company is distinguished by its global reach and cosmopolitan market knowledge.

3 scale Offline

Nationwide Newspapers is a full service recognized advertising agency offering its offline and online clients the ability to place ads in multiple newspapers across the country in one convenient location. Nationwide Newspapers offers its clients a one call, one bill service. Nationwide Newspapers is listed with the Central Florida Better Business Bureau. Please call or e-mail our office should you have any questions about advertising your business with Nationwide Newspapers. Our customer service number is 407-909-1644.

5955 Masters Boulevard
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Phone: 407-909-1644
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All orders must be prepaid. We reserve the right to refuse any ad. For questions on our policies and guidelines, please call our office. Nationwide Newspapers does not make any guarantees regarding ad response. Circulation figures have been compiled from several sources and are deemed to be accurate to the best of our knowledge. However, circulation figures and prices are subject to change without notice. Circuation figures and deadlines can also vary.

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