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HTML Editors

Objective   2/15/2016

To document popular HTML Editors.

HTML Editors   3/28/2016

An HTML editor is a computer program for editing HTML, the markup of a webpage.

Although the HTML markup of a web page can be written with any text editor, specialized HTML editors can offer convenience and added functionality.

For example, many HTML editors work not only with HTML, but also with related technologies such as CSS, XML and JavaScript or ECMAScript.

In some cases they also manage communication with remote web servers via FTP and WebDAV, and version management systems such as CVS or Subversion.

Text editors

Text (source) editors intended for use with HTML usually provide syntax highlighting.

Templates, toolbars and keyboard shortcuts may quickly insert common HTML elements and structures.

Wizards, tooltip prompts and autocompletion may help with common tasks.

Text HTML editors commonly include either built-in functions or integration with external tools for such tasks as source and version control, link-checking, code checking and validation, code cleanup and formatting, spell-checking, uploading by FTP or WebDAV, and structuring as a project.

Text editors require user understanding of HTML and any other web technologies the designer wishes to use like CSS, JavaScript and server-side scripting languages.

They were also referred to A Simple HTML Editor (ASHE).

Some regular text editors such as Windows Notepad can save as HTML files simply by using extensions such as .html .htm .css etc.

Object editors

Some editors allow alternate editing of the source text of objects in more visually organized modes than simple color highlighting, but in modes not considered WYSIWYG.

Some WYSIWYG editors include the option of using palette windows that enable editing the text-based parameters of selected objects.

These palettes allow either editing parameters in fields for each individual parameter, or text windows to edit the full group of source text for the selected object.

They may include widgets to present and select options when editing parameters.

Adobe GoLive provides an outline editor to expand and collapse HTML objects and properties


WYSIWYG HTML editors provide an editing interface which resembles how the page will be displayed in a web browser.

These editors may be stand-alone programs, such as Adobe Dreamweaver or Microsoft Frontpage (now discontinued), or come in the form of browser extensions and allow editing directly within the web browser.

Because using a WYSIWYG editor may not require any HTML knowledge, they are often easier for an inexperienced computer user to get started with.

The WYSIWYG view is achieved by embedding a layout engine based upon one used in a web browser.

The layout engine will have been considerably enhanced by the editor's developers to allow for typing, pasting, deleting and manipulation of the content.

The goal is that, at all times during editing, the rendered result should represent what will be seen later in a typical web browser.

WYSIWYM (what you see is what you mean) is an alternative paradigm to WYSIWYG editors.

Instead of focusing on the format or presentation of the document, it preserves the intended meaning of each element.

For example, page headers, sections, paragraphs, etc. are labeled as such in the editing program, and displayed appropriately in the browser.

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Google Web Designer   4/6/2016

Wikipedia   Google Web Designer

is a program for Windows, Mac and Linux from Google for creating interactive HTML5 ads and other HTML5 content.

It offers a GUI with common design tools, such as a Text tool that integrates with Google Web Fonts, a Shapes tool, a Pen tool, and 3D tools.

The advertising feature set is more complete with components to add Google Maps, YouTube videos and more, as well as automatically including the tracking code events for DoubleClick and AdMob.

Kompozer   4/25/2016

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