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Saskatchewan prairie August 1995
One month later on September 8th I was diagnosed w Multiple Sclerosis - Secondary Progressive


22 yrs from Dx

My son's wedding September 9, 2017

2Retirement dinner at the Keg
Retirement dinner at the Keg December 28, 2016

my daughter Sarah son Nathanial and me .  when I could still get up from my chair


Tillie and Sever Sletten    Father's parents


Family Costume Portrait

My Mother / Father / Sisters / Brother (straw hat) and me
... in costume, Kelowna, 1970's.


Muhammad Ali Drawing I still have from my youth

I did this using a Staedtler mechanical pencil using HB lead from a Life magazine cover for a Kelowna Art Exhibit in the 70's...

AliDrawing.jpg Ali

Ali Drawing back

The Encyclopedia Britannica - Eleventh Edition - 1911

May 24, 2007   I entered Richmond Emergency Room forbearing a move to Minoru (an Extended Care facility) September 6, 2007 - no longer able bodied to provide my own care.

Prior to this, I was working on a digital PDF work of The Encyclopedia Britannica - Eleventh Edition - 1911 and had just finished publishing to my website at the time .

February 10, 2016  I have not yet been able to retrieve this data.

However, the Internet Archive has record from November 16, 2006.

November 05, 2014   I was fortunate to regain

I spent 2015 getting the rust off and discovering what I wanted to work on.

This site now reflects my focus ... and I'm Back :)


The Encyclopedia Britannica - Eleventh Edition - 1911

November 16, 2006

This is an Adobe Acrobat OCR PDF Online Version of ...

The Encyclopedia Britannica - Eleventh Edition - 1911

as Issued by The Cambridge University Press - England

"The Book of a Hundred Wonders"


A complete and modern exposition of thought, learning and achievement, a vivid representation of the world's activities, so arranged and classified as to afford a maximum of accessibility, and embodying everything that can possibly interest or concern a civilized people.

29 volumes comprised of 29,670 pages.

In this Online Version, the entire 29 volumes have been split into individual PDF pages.

These PDF pages are viewed embedded within individual HTML pages.


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