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How Tarot Improves Your Mental Health, Spirituality, and Wellbeing

Objective    9/21/2017

Documentation on the Toth Tarot deck

Gerd Ziegler - Mirror of the Soul   12/14/2017

Gerd Ziegler - Mirror of the Soul

Just as we use a mirror to observe our exterior, we can use the images of the Tarot to approach our inner reality. An adventurous expedition! The images of the Tarot are a mirror of the images in our souls. The longer we look inward, the more we discover about ourselves and our lives.

A mirror reflects visible reality without judging it. It shows the beautiful and the ugly, the pleasant and the unpleasant. It cannot do anything else. We can put it aside or shatter it if we don't like our reflection, but doing so won't change our appearance.

The images of the Tarot describe spiritual conditions. In using the cards we see our inner reality from new perspectives. The images are neither »positive« nor »negative«, neither »for« nor »against« us. They simply offer hints and clues. We can examine them, choosing either to discard or consider, ignore or use them.

Many people are afraid to confront their inner reality; they may find ugly or unpleasant aspects of themselves. They pretend to know themselves, often believing they really do. They expend enormous amounts of energy in maintaining an illusory facade; the more illusory, the more desperately they defend it and the greater their underlying fear. Yet each defensive action, each denial, reveals, rather than hides, the underlying insecurity. Fear, narrow-mindedness, repression, constriction and a sense of isolation result, and the true inner reality remains unknown.

Surprisingly, we learn to accept and love ourselves only when we stop trying to hide, and hide from, our inner reality. We can only share with others those parts of ourselves which we had discovered and accepted, and can only change those unpleasant aspects in ourselves which we have thoroughly examined, and recognized as needing change.

Self-exploration can be risky at times. Newly-won perspectives can upset old habits and attitudes, and shake the very foundation of our belief systems (see The Tower). Yet this is an essential step in any transformational process.

The »rewards« of such an internal cleansing process are great. Each time we reveal and let go of one of our illusions, we come one step closer to our own true, boundless and enduring selves. What we let go and lose in this process never has been really ours; what is destroyed never has been rooted in our true being.

In letting go you arrive at the still place in yourself where you and the stillness are one; you arrive home and you and your home are one. This book offers suggestions for playing with and increasing your understanding of the Crowley-Thoth Tarot. It will help you in your work with the cards, sometimes guiding your inner exploration, sometimes pointing the way in daily situations and difficult decision-making processes.

Tarot means, above all, subjectivity, and maintaining a vital readiness to being touched. The Tarot's images, as mirrors of our own unconscious impulses, unlock and make these impulses available to our conscious mind. And we learn to interpret the messages of the cards, as we might interpret a muddled dream, we can discover new inner realms, and gain a glimpse into the mysteries of the Universe in its all-encompassing cosmic order.

Waakirchen, August 1984
Zolling, July 1985

Gerd Ziegler - Mirror of the Soul


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