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Objective   9/18/2017

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Grow Your Business with Affiliate Marketing     9/18/2017

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is a revenue sharing venture between two businesses.
Business one (your business) pays business 2 (your affiliates) for sending new customers to your site.

An example is having your affiliate host your ad on their website. When potential customers find your business through the affiliate site, you pay the affiliate money. The affiliate benefits by being paid to host your ad, and your business benefits by acquiring potential new customers.

It is often one of the more cost effective channels since you only pay when a successful transaction happens.

Affiliate programs are ideal for businesses that are trying to get new customers. In as little as six months to a year, you can have hundreds of affiliates marketing your products or services, often at a lower customer acquisition cost than other channels of online advertising.

Affiliate Networks

If this is your first affiliate program, you may want to consider working with an affiliate network. affiliate networks connect advertisers and publishers who can drive traffic to your website. Additionally they provide tracking, reporting and handle all affiliate payments.

With new programs, affiliates often feel more comfortable working through networks. There tends to be more confidence in tracking methods, as well as faith they will be paid in a timely manner. A downside to joining a network is the upfront costs, which vary from $575 to $6000.

We have listed an overview of some popular affiliate networks.

Commission Junction – A premium priced affiliate network.
Since 1998 they attract a majority of the larger brands and have many high quality B2C and B2B affiliates.

ShareASale – Another great network known for industry friendly policies and a value conscious cost of entry. With a free datafeed, they are great for retailers of all sizes.
LinkShare – Founded in 1996, LinkShare is another well-known network with a wide reach.

Grow Your Business with Affiliate Marketing

IAB Affiliate Marketing Guide     9/18/2017


3 What is affiliate marketing?
6 Who are affiliates - understanding the different types
10 When do you use affiliate marketing?
13 Putting affiliate marketing at the heart of your business
16 A day in the life of a programme
20 Considering a 12 month strategy
24 Affiliates and brand
28 Managing affiliates and pay per click search
33 Making affiliate marketing a sustainable channel for sales and marketing
44 Making affiliate marketing a sustainable channel for sales and marketing
46 Glossary of terms

IAB Affiliate Marketing Guide

IAB Affiliate Marketing Handbook     9/18/2017

Affiliate Marketing works. It really does.

The UK’s leading retailers, financial services providers, utility companies all run affiliate programmes. They recognise the fact that affiliates generate sales and can do so in a cost effective way unmatched by any other online channel.

But it’s not just the big boys who can take advantage of this channel SMEs too can utilise affiliates as an efficient way to successfully achieve scale and sales. The accomplishments of the channel over the past ten years are in no small part down to the continued innovation and entrepreneurial nature of the affiliate publishers themselves.

However herein lays the problem of affiliate marketing – understanding it. It’s very easy for marketers unfamiliar with the channel to be confused by jargon and blindsided by how it all works.

The continued development of the affiliate industry into a multichannel discipline necessitating different approaches and management can make it difficult for advertisers to integrate it into more traditional or linear marketing plans.

Affiliate marketing can also be difficult for marketers to explain internally and to justify the way in which affiliate budgets require a greater amount of flexibility than other forms of marketing.

IAB Affiliate Marketing Handbook

Online Video for Marketing     9/18/2017

Why Use Video for Marketing?

Video is a powerful medium that many business folks timidly avoid.

After all, it can appear very complex!

What tools do I use? How do I know what to make? How on earth am I going to explain the value of this to my boss? If you answer these questions, video can be a major asset to your business.

Appealing to both audio and visual senses, video is powerful, emotion-evoking content that people love to share. Marketers can use video to generate traffic to their websites, build brand buzz, generate inbound links (which can help with SEO) and grow social media reach.

This eBook answers the basic questions most marketers face before diving into video. It is different from other video tutorials because it covers video production from a business perspective.

Specifically, it explains how you can use video to reach your marketing goals. It walks you through the entire process of developing your video idea, as well as filming, editing, publishing and promoting it. By following this guide, you will be able to create your own video masterpiece, and see amazing results!

– Rebecca Corliss HubSpot

Online Video for Marketing

Small Business Online Marketing Guide - Google     9/18/2017


Every day we hear from business owners who think they need special skills to reach new customers online. Overwhelmed by the number and seeming complexity of online marketing options, they sit on the sidelines, eager to get in the game but confused about where to start.

Sound familiar? If so, this guide is for you. Whether you’re new to online marketing or just looking to do it better, the advice in this guide can help you reach your business goals.

You’ll learn:

We’ve also created a daily tip sheet filled with ideas to help you get started as well as marketing plans for four different types of businesses. Get started right away by filling out the worksheet to create an action plan. As with anything else, practice and persistence will lead to online marketing success.

We hope this guide starts you on the path to becoming an online superstar.

Sincerely, Brynn Zuccaro North America Business Marketing

Small Business Online Marketing Guide - Google

The Distilled Guide to Online Video Marketing     9/18/2017

  1. introduction
  2. generating ideas
  3. technical implementation
  4. creating great content
  5. launching your videos
  6. integrating with the wider marketing plan
  7. measuring success
  8. the future of online video

The Distilled Guide to Online Video Marketing

Video Marketing Gold     9/18/2017

Video marketing is one of the many tools in the Internet marketer’s arsenal, but is definitely one of the most popular.

Recent studies indicate that more than half (57%) of people have watched at least one video online at some point in their lives, while nearly one-fifth of people (19%) say they watch videos online every day. These numbers are rapidly growing as more people are using the Internet and social media every day.

As much as society loves the television, computers are gradually taking over the device. If you have a newer model television, all it takes is a USB cable to connect your TV to your computer. With a variety of online services and streaming websites out there, you can watch anything you want online, whether it’s your favorite show, new movies, or your local news cast.

Video Marketing Gold


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